A jaguar demon that lives in the Deepwoods.

Name: Akbal, "God of the Terrestrial Fire"
Encountered In: Deepwoods
HP: 150
Gender: Male
Height: 3.5 (quadruped)
Movement-Type: quadruped for battle and lounging around, biped for sex.
Body-Type: Anthropomorphic
Fur/Pelt: Tan fur with black spots
Eye Color: Green, reflective

Appearance: Large, lean and graceful. Appears to be a normal jaguar does except for the demonic gleam in his eyes. Can shift body to anthropomorphic jaguar state he uses for sexual encounters.

Sexual Characteristics: A single 15 inch long, 5 inch wide phallus with a dozen tiny barbs on the bulbous, mushroom shaped head. The large sex organ is heavy and self lubing, secreting a corrupted fluid. Akbal’s cock is actually a tool for forcibly teaching another person to submit. When anyone resists the barbs feel like spikes but when they accept the demon cock the barbs feel like vibrating beads. When combined with his saliva the self lube and barbs all work together to bring unbearable pleasure. His cat dick can also secrete a substance that suppresses the receiver's orgasm, another way he punishes those who don't submit.

Special Abilities: Akbal’s curse forces him to communicate via psychic connection which he can also use as a telepathic weapon. His saliva acts as a healing agent and a mystic lubricant. As “God” of the Terrestrial Fire he can create emerald flames and use them against his enemies. Both the psychic ability and the terrestrial fire can be transferred to the PC for two special attacks/perks.

Mentality: Akbal, like a true Jaguar, is incredibly territorial and will readily attack the unwitting should they wander into his territory. The demon lord will demand offering of anyone trespassing in his territory. Unlike most demons, Akbal makes a gracious ally. When one submits he lavishes sexual favors and gifts upon his loyal servant, including increased speed. When one defies him he teaches them a lesson they won’t soon forget.

History: Akbal was once a greater demon who was cursed by a follower of the great tree into the form of a cat. The demon’s demonic power, however, proved too much for the magician’s spell to contain and the spell partially broke. Akbal, instead, became a Jaguar and slew the magician. The curse is a constant irritation to the demon since it also numbs his sex organs and steals his ability to speak. To reach orgasm Akbal has become a natural predator to both imps and goblins, regularly seeking them out to act as make shift cock sleeves to sate his lust.

When the player first encounters him they have the option to [fight] or [submit]. In future encounters, those who successfully fought back may [fight or run]. Those who submitted or denied him may [submit, deny, or fight]. Denying at any point has no adverse consequences.

If the player chooses to submit, a sex scene will trigger where Akbal assumes a biped form and performs anal sex on the player. Post-coitus, the player gains between 1-2 speed and 4-11 corruption, and their lust is reduced to the minimum. The butt-rating of the player (for Tease and Seduce purposes) also increases by 1, up to 8. The player is then returned to camp, where they awaken "feeling dangerous, powerful and fiercely satisfied."

If, at this point, the player has submitted to him five times or more without fighting, and the player has at least 40 corruption, they gained the "Whispered" perk and the "Whisper" special attack. If the player has submitted to him eight times or more without fighting, and the player has more than 80 corruption, they gain the "Fire Lord" perk and the "Fire Breath" special attack.

If, at any point, the player chooses to fight him, they still have the chance to have these perks. If they lose a battle, then submit to Akbal as stated above, they are able to receive the relevant perks on the next encounter(s) if they meet the requirements. The player does however retain perks already gained if he/she chooses to attack Akbal at later encoutners.

Akbal is a powerful creature with a resistance to the Blind spell due to his psychic powers. He has two physical attacks with teeth and claws, and a lust attack that deals 7 + (100 - intelligence)/10 lust damage. If the player has the Whispered perk, this ability deals 12 + (100-intelligence)/10 lust damage instead. Akbal also possesses the ability to use two special attacks; one lowers player speed by 20%, while the other deals 40 flat damage that ignores armor.

On top of these combat abilities, Akbal also possesses the ability to heal himself for 30 HP, but takes 10 lust damage instead.

Defeat scenes:
If Akbal is defeated by lowering his HP to 0, you are allowed the option to leave without interference.

If defeated by seduction and you currently have at least 33 lust, you are presented with options depending on which sex organs are present.

  • If you have a vagina, you can force him to lick you.
  • Alternatively, you can force yourself on him by binding him to a tree. If your vaginal capacity is less than his cock volume, you elect to use his tail instead, triggering a different scene.
  • If you have a penis, you can choose to anally rape him.

Alternate Scenes for Naga and Centaurs

PCs who are not already pregnant and who use their vaginas to rape him run the risk of Imp pregnancy with a base incubation time of 432 hours, or 18 days. If the total fertility rating of the player (post-perks) is at least 100, this pregnancy is assured.

If Akbal is sexually used frequently enough without losing, some special scenes occur where the PC can abuse him– assuming the PC’s stats are high enough. There is a separate scene for each gender for the Strength, Speed and Toughness stats and a basic scene that doesn't require a stat check.

Victory scene:
Akbal anally rapes the PC; however, unlike in the submission scene, the barbs are actually used as barbs. Lust is raised by 10 + 10% of libido, and fatigue is raised by a random amount from 5 to 14.

Incubi Draft
Whisker Fruit