Species: Lizan
Gender: Male
Scale Color: white
Eye Color: auburn
Age: 23
Sexual Preference: Bisexual (Will fall for a player of any sex, Male PC triggers a query asking which gender they prefer; Like Girls prompts him to TG himself into a female, Arian of any gender will become increasingly fond of being anally penetrated and performing oral)

Initial Encounter:

Can be encountered randomly in Tel'Adre if the character is level 4 or above

You will find him laying in one of the back alleys, slumped over and will be given the option to
  • "Help"- unlocks you being able to find him in the Park
  • "Don't Help"
  • "Never Help" - probably will disable encountering Arian again

Choosing to help him up your are given this short description:
" You lean down and offer the stranger your shoulder, letting them place their arm across your neck before you stand upright, helping pull them to their feet. Once the hooded figure is standing, the hood slides of his head, to reveal a reptilian muzzle that could only belong to some sort of lizard. His scales are white, almost absurdly so, and he takes deep breaths, trying to calm down his coughing fit."

Second Encounter:

Arian tells you more about himself including the reason for his white scales and poor health:
  • "I'm actually a mage; I've been training in the magical arts ever since I was a kid. If you're wondering about my strange white scales, I have them because I was born with something called albinism, some kind of hereditary disease.... I'm not really sure, but that's beside the point. I spent most of my youth inside, stuck at home, studying the white arts. People always said I had a way with magic, some even called me a genius. "
  • "Ah... Now we're getting to why I'm in such a miserable state. You see I've found a new way to use white magic; one that results in far more powerful spells; problem is it is very unhealthy for the caster." He smiles at you weakly. "In order to achieve a state of complete concentration, I stop all my bodily functions. My heart stops beating, I stop breathing, I dedicate all of my being to the spell I wish to cast. This is very dangerous, but thanks to this I am able to achieve a degree of concentration that no other mage can." He gauges your reaction. "So what would you say? Impressive? Reckless? Stupid?"

Third Encounter:

Arian reveals that he was a teacher of a mage academy with a grand library. When the demons attacked he only had enough strength to protect a few of his pupils and escape from the demons with them. He ended up using too much of his magic which lead him to the weaken state he is in:
  • He clears his throat. "I had to use my power to help my friends. You see, our academy had been overrun by demons and I tried to fight them. But... of course I was not strong enough to defeat all of them or save everyone. All I could do was protect me and my pupils." He coughs, but smiles all the same.

    So, he's not originally from Tel'Adre? You suggest he should go into details, tell you about his academy.

    Arian smiles. "Very well. The academy was a place of study, where mages of all kinds gathered. It was renowned for its extensive library and for being one of the best academy to learn about white magic. It was pretty far from this city, but since the demons attacked I wouldn't expect it to still be standing. Things got pretty ugly before my pupils and I made our escape."

    You indicate you understand and he should go on.

    "The demons caught us by surprise... they covered the academy in their corrupt black magic, turned some of the best and most powerful mages into mindless fucktoys. If I hadn't been to one of the warded practice rooms I would have been taken too." He coughs. "There were so many of them... my pupils were in their room, and by the time I fought my way over they were on the verge of being taken by a pair of incubus. They were affected by the initial wave of black magic, but thankfully my white magic was enough to set them free."

    You show that you're still paying attention and he continues.

    "After saving them, I quickly realised that there was no way we could fight the demons off, so we ran as far and as fast as we could. And by the time we made it far enough that I could relax I had already used too much of my magic; and as a result... well... you're looking at it." He coughs for emphasis.

Fourth Encounter:

Arian concludes his story by telling you how he ended up in Tel'Andre' and gives you a demonstration of the difference of power in white magic when it's casted using his technique. You then escort him back to his home and asks if you wouldn't mind visiting as he enjoys your friendship. At this park the "Park" location is removed and Arian's house has been added to the homes submenu:
  • You bring up the last conversation you had with Arian and ask him whatever happened to his apprentices.

    He smiles. "You see... my apprentices are actually my aides now. They swore to live their lives in my service as my aides." So, he's been avoiding his apprentices?

    "They are worried about me all the time. Maybe too worried... and it's not like I don't appreciate their concern, but sometimes I feel smothered. Make no mistake, I love them like family, but I like to get out sometimes too." You give a nod in response, figuring it's what he wants to see.

    "Anyway, there is not much more to my story. We made our escape and wandered about the desert, until we found Tel'Adre. They were nice enough to take us in and so here we are." He motions to the area surrounding the two of you.

    "So, [Your character]?" You look at him in response. "Can I interest you in a magical demonstration?" You answer in the positive.

    He holds his hands apart from each other, palm facing palm. "Here's what you can normally do with White Magic." He closes his eyes and focus. You watch as arcs of electrical energy, like a tiny current of lightning, sparkles and crackles from one hand to the next. You comment that's quite a sight.

    "Now let me show you what I can do with my technique." He closes his eyes once more and focuses. His white scales begin glowing as his power increases and you gasp as energy virtually explodes from hand to hand, a cascade of lightning coruscating between his hands with enough fury to consume anything that falls between them. He stops when he racks and begins coughing. Now, that is more impressive, you have to admit to yourself.

    "I guess I might have overdone it." He smiles at you goofily, then coughs in what is obviously meant to cover his embarrassment. "Thanks for keeping me company, I enjoy our chats a lot, [Your character]. You've been a great friend for me." You accept the compliment and tell him that it was nothing.

    "Could I bother you one more time though?" Arian asks shyly. "Would you mind helping me home? My aides are probably pestering the guard to come and find me right about now, and I feel like I got my share of fresh air for the moment."

    You decide that it wouldn't be too much trouble, and tell Arian that you'll give him a hand to get home.

    Arian leads you to the doorsteps of his house, and unhooking his arm from around your shoulder he takes your hands in his own and smiles at you. "Thank you for the help, and for listening to my story." Then looking into you eyes expectantly, he asks, "Listen [Character Name]. I would love it if you could visit me once in awhile. It can be very lonely here and although my aides are always by my side there are things I simply can't talk with them. So... could you find time to visit a sickly mage?"

    You assure him you'll think about it; it's time he went inside and had some rest. "Thank you, I'll be seeing you then." He releases you hand and slowly walks inside, barely getting the door open before two pairs of arms grab him and drag him in, closing the door behind him. You shrug it off and head back towards camp; that diversion was nice, but you have other things to do.

First visit to his house:

You are greeted by one of his aids/pupils, a tan furred, spectacle wearing ferret-morph named Laika. She immediately gets mad when she finds out that you were the one enabling Arian to leave the house. Thankfully her brother Boon (another one of Arian's aids) interrupts and asks her to cool her head. After an apology from Boon, you are escorted to Arian's room where you hilariously find Arian in the middle of an escape attempt. During this visit you share your stories about your adventures and Arian thanks you for visiting him. Before you leave, Boon stops you and asks a favor. He asks that if you find any potion or herb or any other kind of medicine that could help Arian, to bing it back with you as apparently nothing truly effective has been found within Tel'Andre'.

Events during visits:

At some point (after giving him at least one Vital-T), Arian will tell you that he's having unusual dreams. These dreams involved him being with someone he loves. You then get the option to "Pry" or "Drop it":
  • Pry - Oh, no, you're not letting him wriggle out of this that easily. You playfully tap his nose and tell him he should come clean and confess; he'll sleep better with the burden off his conscience.Arian closes his eyes and admits. "It's someone close!" He blurts out, hiding himself under the covers.
    Well, now, that's intriguing... still, no matter how you try, he won't say anything more and he won't come out. It's quite clear what's going on so all you can do is sigh, do your best to pat his head through the covers, and tell him you'll come back another day and that you're sorry for being so nosey. You then turn and walk out the door, heading down the stairs and back to camp.
  • Drop it - Though you do feel a little curious, you decide to stop making him uncomfortable, and tell him that it's okay, you'll let him get some sleep now. He then thanks you and you return to camp.

During another visit you will hear him moaning in his room before you enter. You can then either "Peep" "Burst in" "Eave's drop" or leave.

Choosing "Peep" or "Eave's drop" both result in your character discovering that Arian is masturbating while thinking about your character. This then gives you the choice to "Burst in" or leave. Leaving leads to a short scene where Boon is concerned why your stay was so short followed by your character by your character telling Boon that Arian is "busy". Additionally, this event will repeat on subsequent visits until you decide to burst in.

Bursting in and confronting Arian about his masturbation will fluster him and cause him to admit his feelings for the player.
[This next interaction has been male-tested. Female unconfirmed] The player can then choose to say they "Don't mind" that Arian has interest in the player's male character or they can say that they're "Interested in Girls" instead. Both choices will lead to a sex scene though the latter will cause Arian to transgender himself with a transformation item right before the sex scene occurs. After this, you will be able to have sex with him/her on future visits and you will also be able to give him/her certain transformation items.

After Arian's health reaches a certain point, he will then offer to help improve your magic. Saying yes will lead you to increase in intelligence. (Unconfirmed: This is possibly the White Magic counterpart to Dominika's Black Magic meaning that a character who lacks White Magic spells may learn them here if they have the required Intelligence.)
  • (might be added to Trivia in near future): You ask Arian if he wouldn't mind giving you some magic lessons.
    Arian nods. "Of course! Now where do I begin...."Game Note: This isn't cannon and will be re-written soonish.
    You ask Arian if he wouldn't mind hearing some of your own theories about magic; you've been giving the subject a lot of thought lately.
    Arian looks at you, eyes alight with interest at what you have to say. "Please, do share your thoughts." You explain that if you are able to use magic to conjure elements, with a little concentration it might also be possible to alter these elements on the fly; you convey the method you theorized to the lizan mage.
    If you can conjure elements at will, would it be possible to also alter them? You could have one element start out as a non-volatile substance within your hands and then hurl it towards a target whilst also focusing upon changing its nature, thus creating an explosive reaction. For instance, you can start out with a small gathering of dust and quickly change it into a highly combustible element and make it look like as if you made the air explode.
    Once you're done, Arian grins at you. "That's very good, [Character Name]. Indeed, alteration is another art a mage must master in order to be considered a true master; let me give you a more detailed explanation...."
    You listen attentively to the lizan....
    "And that's about it. There were mages researching this subject at the academy, but then the whole trouble with the demons happened... maybe someday we can resume our research in this area."
    You let Arian know that this conversation was very interesting, the knowledge he shared with you today is bound to be useful in your adventures.
    Arian grins happily at you. "I'm glad to be of use, [Character Name]. Please come back soon; I would love to discuss more of it with you."
    You thank Arian and promise to return sometime soon. You excuse yourself and begin the trek home.

On a following visit he gives you a present, a silver necklace which is actually a magic talisman. However, since he lacks the ingredients, it is currently unimbued with any magical properties. He then tells you that there are different spells he can put into the talisman, but he can only do one.

(A more in-depth article about the talisman needs to be written)

Sub-sequent visits:

You are now given the option to talk, have sex (only if you have had sex with him for the first time already) or give an item (if you don't have an acceptable item, the option wont be presented) or lower corruption (can only be done once a day):


  • Sexy Talk
  • Teach Magic

Items that can be given:

  • Vital-T (give this to him to improve his strength) (Note: on my second visit, when I spoke with him, he gave me the clue as to what item I could bring, saying is was called Vitality.... or something.)
  • P. Succubi Milk (Starting as male, first turns him into an herm,second increases breast size, third and further states that his dick size decreases, but no actual effect. As a female, first increases bust size, second further increases bust size, third and further have no effect.)
  • P. Incubi Draft (Increases dick size, removes the Docking option from sex. Will turn from a herm to a male or a female to a herm.)
  • Reptilum (Causes unique sex scene where (s)he trips out, gets a second dick if male)
  • Reducto (Reduces dick or breast size)
  • Lactaid (Increases breast size, produce milk)

Sex Options:

  • Anal Catch
  • Pitch Anal
  • Blow Him/Her
  • Get Blown
  • Docking (male/herm Arian only, requires cock area 30 or less)
  • Double Penetration (herm/female Arian only)
  • Fuck her (herm/female Arian only)
  • Get fucked
  • Dildo Fun (requires Deluxe Dildo)

Treat Corruption:

After given enough Vital-T, Arian will be able to treat your corruption, but only once per day. "Any more and it would be hazardous, for both of us."


Once you've given Arian enough Vitality Potions and his health is good, he will ask if he can come and live in your camp. Accept and he will come with you back to your camp as a Lover.
  • To sleep with Arian, visit him towards nightfall and select the “sleep with” option. It will repeat every night, so if you just want it one time, come back later and choose to stop sleeping with him. There are a good variety of sleeping things available, depending on his buttsluttery.
  • Female Arian will lay eggs every thirty days. You can choose what color.
  • All the sex and stuff is still there too.
  • His Amulet can be imbued with a shielding spell or a fire spell spell. The shielding reduces damage taken by 25 or so down to a minimum of 1 and the fire spell is basically a stronger whitefire. (Note: The Amulet's spell is a consumable item, meaning you can only use it once. And you will need to get the ingredients again to refill the Amulet. It last for only one fight, and the Shielding spell ingredients are rarer than Immolation, pick your battle to use it on.)
    • Shielding Spell: Two Black Chitin and One Tough Silk - Increases defense for the duration of the battle.
    • Immolation Spell: 2x Goblin Ale and 1x Sweet Gossamer - Deals damage over time.
  • Choosing 'Talk' gives you the option of Sexy Talk or Magic. Magic is a discussion of possibilities, with more to be implemented later. Sexy talk will have him tell you how he feels about sex, including how many dicks he has, his size, and what sort of sex he prefers. Even if he's dissatisfied with something, he doesn't mind if it makes you happy.