Written by Abraxas.


  • Level: 14
  • Estimated HP: 530
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: ?
  • Build: ?
  • Skin Tone: Varies
  • Eye Color: ?
  • Typical Dress: Silken bra and thong
  • Weaponry: Hands and tongue
  • Notable Features: Skin is shifting colors depending on girl's mood
  • Sexual Characteristics: ?
  • Found in: Bog

The Chameleon girl is found in the Bog. Approaching her gives this warning message first:
You work your way through the dense foliage of the bog, pushing aside branches and slogging through the thick mud in search of something new. Feeling exhausted, you slow down and look for a place to rest; a small clearing with shallow water and firmer ground seems to fit the bill, and you sit back against a tree to catch your breath. You're so soaked by now that you hardly notice the murky water beneath you and the slick mud on the trunk seeping into your [clothing].

A sudden scrape sounds behind you! You spin around in time to see the familiar shape of a chameleon girl peeling off the trees. She approaches you with a menacing glare in her eyes, growling "This is my bog! Get out now or... or face the consequences!" You raise your [weapon] and prepare to defend yourself.
There is no option to leave though, just a "Next" button that takes you directly to the fight. The description at the start of the fight typically says:
You're faced with a tall lizard-like girl with smooth green skin and long, yellowish stripes that run along her body from ankle to shoulder. An abnormally large tail swishes behind her, and her hands are massive for her frame, built for easily climbing the trees. A pair of small, cute horns grow from her temples, and a pair of perky B-cups push out through her skimpy drapings. Large, sharp claws cap her fingers, gesturing menacingly at you.
(It is possible that the color description is different for different occurences.)

The Chameleon girl can deal several blows in a single round and although each is fairly weak, they can add up to serious physical damage even to the best protected player, especially since her strikes are very hard to block. Her defensive strength is fairly weak though. She seems to be particularly vulnerable to magical attacks but it is possible to deal significant physical damage to her with regular attacks even with a relatively weak weapon.
Lust is usually not a factor when dealing with the Chameleon girl. She doesn't deal much lust damage and unless your teasing skills are near bimbo level, you shouldn't try to beat her that way.

She has hidden scenes if you beat her while having Succubi milk or a Lust Draft and a Sensitivity Draft in your inventory.

No items, just gems and experience points. The Chameleon girl is however one of the best experience points providers and beating her keeps on giving XP scores in the 20s and 30s long after most other enemies have reverted to 1.