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Cotton is a hermaphroditic horse-morph found in the Gym in Tel'Adre between 12:00 and 18:00.

Cotton is approximately 6'5" tall, and has hairless dark brown skin and a red mane. She practices Yoga, and will offer to teach any champion who is not a centaur or a naga (before 0.6.7d). When a centaur or naga PC approaches her, she explains that she simply doesn't know any yoga styles suitable for their bodytype... then she remembers she once saw a rare book in the hands of a travelling merchant that covered the subject matter. If the player goes to Giacomo and buys the yoga guide for 100 gems, then they will be able to use Cotton's services.

After the workout, Cotton will invite the character into the showers. Once there, the player has the option of fucking Cotton vaginally or being penetrated by her. During your first workout, you also have the option of orally servicing her. Players with speed at 50 or higher may also choose to engage in tantric sex with her penetrating. Tantric sex increases your Toughness, HP and Fatigue and reduces your Libido, Sensitivity and Lust.

If the player lactates and allows Cotton to fuck them, then she will drink their milk and declare she must have them for breakfast. At the start of the next day, a special scene will play where Cotton shows up and sensuously coaxes the milk from their breasts into her bowl of morning oats & grains.

Should players choose to turn down Cotton's shower offer, she will be unoffended and simply make the offer again after your next yoga session.


Cotton can impregnate a PC who has a vagina and be impregnated by a PC with a penis.