Fox Berries are a transformative item that can be purchased from the Bakery in Tel'Adre for 5 gems. They transform the eater into a fox-morph.

Item Description: This large orange berry is heavy in your hands. It may have gotten its name from its bright orange coloration. You're certain it is no mere fruit.

Item Used: You examine the berry a bit, rolling the orangish-red fruit in your hand for a moment before you decide to take the plunge and chow down. It's tart and sweet at the same time, and the flavors seem to burst across your tongue with potent strength. Juice runs from the corners of your lips as you finish the tasty snack.

Possible Effects

Stat changes

  • Increase Libido (to at least 59)
  • Increase Sensitivity (to at least 59)
  • Increase Intelligence (to a minimum of 80)
  • Decrease Toughness (to a maximum of 30)
  • Decrease Strength (to a maximum of 40)
  • Increase or decrease hip size (normalizes)


  • Change hair/fur color to Silver, Black, Red, Reddish-Orange, or Golden-Blonde
  • Gain a Fox Tail
  • Gain Fox Ears
  • Gain Fox Legs
  • Grow Fur
  • Gain a Fox Head
  • Changes existing penis to dog penis. (Descriptor changes to fox penis if Fox Score is higher than Dog Score.)


  • Decrease Tone
  • Increase Feminity towards Androgynous
  • Increase Masculinity towards Androgynous
  • Cause hair growth or hair reduction (normalizes)
  • Increases cum production.
  • Females and herms can go into heat.

Bad End

  • Like other animal morph items, there will be a Bad End if overused.

Vixen's Vigor

A player can also take a Fox Berry to Lumi and have them enhanced into a ''Vixen's Vigor'' potion.

Item Description: This small medicine bottle contains something called 'Vixen's Vigor', supposedly distilled from common fox berries. It is supposed to be a great deal more potent, and a small warning label warns of "extra boobs", whatever that means.

Item Used: You pop the cap on the enhanced "Vixen's Vigor" and decide to take a swig of it. Perhaps it will make you as cunning as the crude fox Lumi drew on the front?

Item Effects:
  • As per Fox Berry, but more TFs occur per usage. (Raises TF cap to 5.)
  • Allows TF effects to occur in any order.
  • Gain multiple breasts, to a maximum of four rows.
  • Change existing penis to dog/fox penis.
  • If overused, experience a Bad End.


item code = FoxBery
Vixen's Vigor item code = VixVigr

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