Harpies are agressive winged females found in the High Mountain. Always eager to find males to mate with, they are also hostile towards women, seeing them as competition with the other males in the area. Sophie will warn you before you continue up the mountain; you can either leave, fight Sophie or Continue Climbing up the mountain.






Lean with small breasts and wide hips

Eye Color
Yellow with black iris

Skin Tone
Human with feathers to aid in flight

Feather Color

Razor-sharp talons

High Mountain

PC Interaction
Sex (after fighting)

Gems Dropped
Data from a limited number of tests
Common Item Drops
Golden Seed
Wizard's Robes

Rare Item Drops
Lust Stick
Bimbo Liqueur
Bro Brew

Item Drops

The Harpy will always drop one item after being defeated. Usually the item is a Golden Seed but Wizard's Robes are also fairly common. Since the Wizard's Robes are one of the items that fetches a relatively high price (25 gems) at the Pawnshop, this makes the High Mountain one of the more lucrative areas for players looking for cash.

The Lust Stick is only dropped if the player has the Luststick Adapted Perk.

Like many other non-plot opponents, harpies can occasionally drop a bottle of Bimbo Liqueur or a can of Bro Brew. This happens very rarely however.

In Game Descripitons

At the beginning of the fight

You are fighting a tall, deranged harpy. She appears very human, about six feet six inches tall but covered in a fine layer of powder-blue down. Her arms are sinewy and muscular, with a long web connecting them to her ample hips, covered in stringy blue feathers to aid her flight. A larger pair of powdery-blue wings also protrudes from her shoulder blades, flapping idly. She appears quite deranged as she circles you, approaching and backing away erratically. Her face is quite beautiful, with fine lilac makeup adorning the features of a handsome woman, and her lips are traced with rich golden lipstick. As she circles you, squawking frantically and trying to intimidate you, your eyes are drawn to her slender torso and small, pert breasts, each the size of a small fruit and covered in a layer of the softest feathers which ripple and move with the gusts from her wings. As astounding as her breasts are, her egg-bearing hips are even more impressive. They're twice as wide as her torso, with enormous, jiggling buttocks where her huge, meaty thighs are coming up to meet them. Her legs end in three-pronged talons; their shadowy black curves glinting evilly in the light.

Named Harpies