A male Centaur who lives on or near Whitney's Farm, Kelt is a master archer, but also an embodiment of the worst Centaur culture has to offer, being extremely arrogant, obnoxious, rude, perverse, lecherous, convinced of his own innate superiority and misogynistic (this is all summed up with one word: hubristic). He mocks the player repeatedly for wielding a melee weapon as opposed to wielding a bow, and can be sought at the farm to teach the player how to use a bow.
Repeated visits to him increase bow skill (up to a maximum.)

However, the Centaur's crude comments, overbearing personality and vulgarity also cause the player to rise in an invisible statistic; "Submissiveness". As Submissiveness rises, Kelt becomes more and more imposing. First, he proceeds to demand that the player strip off in his presence. Next, he begins demanding that the player suck him off before each session. Then he begins to brutally anally stimulate the player with his fingers during each session. Finally, the character experiences a bad end; Centaur Mare-Slave.

Female and herm characters are subjected to much more verbal abuse and crudity from Kelt, who taunts them about their breasts, suckles from them if they are lactating and submissive enough, and eventually tells them outright that women have no purpose other than being fucked and having children.

When Kelt demands either the player strip down or that they suck him off, the player may choose to submit reluctantly (causes submissiveness to rise more slowly), eagerly (causes it to rise faster), or to refuse/fight back. Fighting back causes a scene where the player tricks and humiliates the Centaur. Using the revenge rape feature causes the Kelt option to no longer appear at the farm, ending all interactions with him. The option to fight back shows up with high corruption. Naga players who fight back are rewarded with an alternate scene that revolves around their snakelike characteristics.

A female or hermaphrodite character who has at least eagerly stripped off to Kelt who proceeds to approach him while in heat will always be mounted by him, possibly becoming pregnant with a Centaur filly.

At some point, Kelt may take the player to a barn and take the character anally. To trigger this scene, the PC must be eagerly giving Kelt blowjobs and either have a submissiveness score between 90-100 or a current level of lust over 75. Because of how fast the PC's submissiveness is increasing if they're eagerly giving Kelt blowjobs, they are very unlikely to see this scene before they get the bad end when they reach 100 submissiveness.

Characters who have gained the Centaur Lower Torso will have their submissiveness rise faster then any other character.

Submissiveness resets if the player goes approximately a week without any contact with Kelt. (This may have been modified since originally noted.) The choice of how to strip for or suck on Kelt does not reset.

With a high Corruption (I had 83) and possibly high libido you will turn the tables on him and rape him forcing him to suck you. There is an alternative blowjob scene if you possess a snake lower body.


The Centaur Mare Sex Slave Bad End activates when submissiveness is maxed out and involves the player becoming overwhelmed by Kelt's dominance and aura. The character, regardless of gender, becomes a female centaur sex slave. The PC's will is broken and only lives to please Kelt and bear him children, reduced to a mindless cum dump for Kelt. Some years later, a new heroine will find the player, reduced to a mindless cum dumpster for Kelt, eagerly being mounted by him and suckling two daughters of hers from her watermelon sized breasts. Kelt, upon detecting the new heroine, will immediately approach her, eager to try and break her mind the way he did this last one.

The Bad End doesn't necessarily happen right away. You may get several archery lessons from him after your submission has maxed out and before he orders you to become his sex slave.

Breaking Kelt

Kelt can be broken by a PC that has a penis and lots of Succubi Milk. PC needs to gather up fifteen of them (or ten and a Pink Egg) to get started. Then gather ten (or five and a Pink Egg) and finally five more Succubi Milk to finish him off. Once broken, Kelt's name becomes "Kelly." Warning: breaking Kelt will cause Whitney to flip out and restrict the rest of the Farm. Kelly can be given a horse vagina with Equinum (and reverted back to a human vagina with Succubi Milk). Kelly can be given Canine Peppers for four boobs.

As part of her own sex scenes Kelly will talk a little about her previous life, and centaurs in general. Kelt received his corrupt aura from a demon after he was kicked out from his tribe for "being an asshole". He used his new domineering ability to take over his old tribe and make two of the members his full-time breeding slaves, before the rest fled. Kelly hypothesises the incubus granted this ability to a lot of centaur as a concerted effort to destroy them, because what happened to his tribe seemed to happen all over for the centaur after the demon take-over. Looking after his wives forced Kelt to take the job looking after Whitney's farm. Although he was tempted to try dominating the dog-woman, he held back out of apprehension for what she might be hiding. Kelly herself registers a deep dislike and fear of Whitney.

Kelly Sex Scenes:

Lose Virginity
Tentacle Sex requires: at least 2 tentacle penises
Get Pregnant requires: penis
Pregtaur Sex requires: penis
Tit Fuck requires: penis
Blowjob requires: penis
Handjob and Talk requires: penis
Masturbation Punishment procs if PC leaves Kelly alone for more than 3 days
  • Rim-job requires: penis
  • Ride requires: penis, repeated scene requires Tel'Adre discovered for full scene

Abstinence Reward procs if PC leaves Kelly alone for 1-3 days after punishing her
  • Applesauce
  • Hair Dye requires: blonde, pink, purple or black hair dye in inventory