Numb Rocks are a consumable item. Taking the appearance of a packet of candy, they desensitize a character if consumed.

This packet of innocuous looking 'candy' guarantees to reduce troublesome sensations and taste delicious.

Obtained From

  • Purchase from Sean for 45 gems


You pop open the package of numb rocks and dump it into your waiting mouth. The strange candy fizzes and pops, leaving the nerves on your tongue feeling a bit deadened as you swallow the sweet mess.

The following effects will always occur, if their conditions are met.
  • If lust is 33 or higher, reduces lust by 20-39.
  • Decrease sensitivity by 3.

The following effects may randomly occur, if their conditions are met.
  • If intelligence is greater than 15, intelligence decreases by 1-5.
  • The character gains the dysfunction status, preventing them from masturbating until it wears off.
  • If the character already has the dysfunction status, its remaining duration is increased.
  • If sensitivity is less than 30, the character gains the Thick Skin perk, granting them a boost to their defense stat.


  • The dysfunction status typically lasts 50-150 hours.
  • The Thick Skin perk increases a character's armor defense by 2, or 3 if they have do not have normal skin. For characters without the Thick Skin perk, fur increases a characters armor defense by 1, scales increase it by 3, and goo has no effect.
  • When the Thick Skin perk is gained, the character's armor defense stat is increased by 2, without taking into account the bonuses from having fur or scales.

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