Owca is a hidden village located in the plains. When the PC first meets a roving band of sheep people, the PC is asked to be a sacrifice to the demons rather than one of the regular villagers.
If the PC accepts he / she will be tied to a post in a pit and when the demons arrive the PC may submit or fight the demons.

A while later, while exploring the plains, you will meet the band of sheep people again and they will invite you to come to their village whenever you like. From the on Owca will appear under the "Places" and you can visit the different destinations there and volunteer for another round at the Pit whenever you want to.

Destinations Inside the Village

  • Pit - The demon pit. You can fight or submit here again, even after the initial fight.
  • Herds - The fields. You help the herders shear regular sheep. If your village trust points are high enough they may offer you a bottle of sheep milk.
  • Rebecc - A shack belonging to Rebecc, one of the villagers who talked you into the whole demon thing when you first visited Owca. Currently you can look at her or you can take a milk bath in her shack (home). With a high level of corruption, she can be raped, which results in losing access to the village.
  • Tavern - You can buy sheep milk, goblin ale, minotaur cum and - on rare occasions - Bro Brew there.

NPCs In the Village

  • Rebecc - A 5'7" sheep girl that talked you into helping out her village. She can give you a milk bath at the shack in Owca.
  • Vapula - A succubus dominatrix, and the leader of the demons raiding Owca. A highly corrupt character who defeats her gang multiple times (fucking them after will speed this up) can disband them and claim her as their slave(warning: obtaining her as a follower will cause pure Amily and Jojo to leave) . Losing to her gang multiple times leads to a Bad End.
  • Herders - Unnamed (as of yet) sheep people you can help out in Owca.

Owca's Attitude

Owca's Attitude measures how friendly the village people are towards you. It is one of the stats that appears under the "Stats" button once you've fought your first fight in the Pit. It starts at 60 and increases by 5 every time you help with the herds. Owca's attitude will jump to maximum level if/when you enslave Vapula or disband her demon horde.

In Game Description

Villagers greet you as you arrive, praising your courage and your heroism. People shake your hands or ask you to kiss them, as if they hoped your nobility were somehow contagious. Once they're done complimenting and flattering you in every way possible, they leave you to your business. The village is rather small. A dozen humble thatched cottages are standing here and there, linked by dirt tracks and enclosed with small palisades. There seems to be very little activity.

At the end of the main road you notice the pit and the pole standing at the middle of it. It looks rather sinister, reminding you of the permanent curse that lies on the villagers. It is still unguarded.

Beyond the tiny hamlet you see herders guarding a considerable amount of sheep. You could probably join them and ask them for work.

Rebecc's house is nearby, and her door is open. She would probably welcome the chance to wash away any taint you've received from your time in the pit.

A tavern appears to be open; various Owca folk are drinking and chatting in it. They give you friendly waves when you make eye contact.


  • The fights at the Pit take place in the evening and it is possible the first meeting with the sheep people only takes place if you go to the Plains late in the day. Research is needed to confirm this. No, got first meeting at 6:00.
  • Owca's Attitude doesn't increase every time you volunteer for the Pit.


  • Owca means sheep in Polish.