"I'm afraid that I may have not made myself clear earlier, the library is not presently open. This means that it is closed, which is the opposite state of open. While it is in this state its services are unavailable to the general public. The general public in this particular instance are also the ones directly responsible for the necessity of it closing, leading to further hesitation in the Covenant's willingness to hasten the opening. Your interest is noted, filed, and considered, but will be regarded as a data point and not the quote unquote voice of the people. ... ... ... That means no, in case we're unclear."

Thaddeus Quinn is one of the Mages of the Covenant (aka Council of Tel'Adre) and self-appointed custodian of the city's public library. He will keep you from reading the books in the library (but fortunately he isn't always there) and lead you to Asa Mali once you have aquired the Inscribed Spellblade.

Key Data

Probably Human


Tower of Tel'Adre

PC Interaction
Talk at length (Mostly monologue)
Keep you from using the library
Direct you to Asa Mali


Thaddeus Quinn was originally from Barrow where he held the title "Monolith of Bone". When his home town was destroyed, he fled to Tel'Adre and became a member of the city's council. He also took charge of the public library which was, and still is, in a desolate state. Like all Tel'Adre's mages, he is supposed to take watches maintaining the city's magical defenses but he is too busy restoring the library to do so. Instead he is wearing a pendant that allows the other mages to tap into his powers. This drains his energy and leaves him constantly looking tired and worn out.


Probably Human


Skin Tone

Short, uncombed

Hair Color
Cold Blue
"An odd lifeless and cold blue."
"To the point where you think you can see his cheekbones."
"Darkened to the point they almost seem bruised."

Tailored but poorly fitting suit
The chain of a pocketwatch can be seen on his fully buttoned waistcoat.


If you enter the library early in the day, you meet Quinn and get a description of him - a longer description the first time than on later visits. You get two or three options:
  • Study
    • You try to read the books in the library but Quinn firmly denies you access to them.
  • You Okay?
    • You ask Quinn if he is feeling well and he gives you a long lecture about the sad state of the library and eventually an equally long explanation of his worn-out appearance.
  • Mali
    • Quinn takes you to Asa Mali's quarters.
    • This option first appears when you enter the library carrying the Inscribed Spellblade as your weapon or in your inventory and after you have met Asa Mali once. Interestingly, this scene also appears if you visit the library in the evening, after Quinn has gone home for the night.