Rubi is a femboy that can be encountered at the Bakery. He can be fucked, fucked with Tamani’s dildo, given all manner of clothes, and turned part incubus or bimbo. Rubi’s affection can be viewed under more stats.

Needs more researching.
After hitting 20% affection, the truth of him being a boy comes out, as well as him telling you that he likes you. You are given the choice to Accept or Reject him, both of which will lead him to telling you not to spread his secret of being a boy.
It seems that no matter what you choose, the affection goes to 34%. However, if you rejected him, the option of "Talk" will still be there, although you may not actually chat with, nor order milk or tea from Rubi.
Once accepting him, you will be given a fourth option of which is to go to "Rubi's Place."

Affection Gains
Chat: If you chat with Rubi, he will tell you slightly about where he was born, and where he was raised. This will also give you an affection gain of 2%.
Milk: Ordering milk will lead to him telling you "We get it fresh every day," after drinking it, he will give you a second glass telling you "Free refills, hun." This will give you an affection gain of 3%.
Tea: Ordering tea will lead to another description of the product, where he tells you "It's our relaxing blend, soothes the body and mind." This will give you an affection gain of 5%

Rubi's Place
After asking to go to his place, he finds a replacement for his work and shows you the way to his home. Once inside you have the option to have sex, talk, or show you his closet.
Tease him: Giving him a hand-job and fingering his rump, but denying orgasm. Raises lust by 4.
Fuck him: Performing anal but once again denying him release. Can also by done vaginally but requires you to turn him female, (See Bimbo Rubi)
Massage: Upon reaching an affection level of 50%, you can receive a massage that lowers your fatigue by 40, decreases libido by 1, and raises lust by 3. At the end of the massage you are given a option of either allowing him to finally cum or prevent him from doing so.
Release: If Rubi was denied orgasm you will receive this option next visit. (Giving him prostate stimulation until he reaches orgasm
Closet: Ask to see Rubi's closet. He will excitedly take you to his bedroom to show you his huge closet full of clothes and shoes. He asks if you would like him to wear something for you. You can then have him wear an outfit or give him various items.
Give item:
  • Bimbo Liqueur turn Rubi into Bimbo Rubi.
    • Debimbo does not work on Bimbo Rubi.
  • Succubi Milk increase female characteristics, decrease male characteristics, and transforms her into a succubus
  • Purified Succubus Milk increases female characteristics and decrease male characteristics
  • Incubi draft or Purified Incubi Draft increases male characteristics and decrease female characteristics
  • Equinum gives Rubi a horse-cock and balls
  • GroPlus can be used to increase breasts or penis
  • Reducto can be used to decrease breasts or penis
  • Trap Oil reduces both breast and penis size (where applicable), but will not change gender (more research needed)
    • Will eventually turn Rubi's nipples Onyx Black. Next application will turn Rubi's eyes black.
  • Whisker Fruit starts turning Rubi into a pink furred cat-morph, starting with ears, hands, ect
  • Pure Peaches can be used, but only in full stacks of 5.
    • First stack gives Rubi feathery ears and if Rubi has a penis, randomly changes it (more research needed)
    • Second stack gives Rubi cherry red skin with silver stripes and a grey belly.
    • Third stack gives Rubi a blue penis with tentacles around its head and base (almost like Minerva)

- Giving 3 Incubi draft bars prevents you from giving him Bimbo Liqueur. 1 or 2 still allow it, though.
- If denied orgasm 3 times in a row, Rubi will get blue balls. (Giving him a stronger ejaculation when allowed release.)
- If denied orgasm +4 times in a row, his ejaculation will be more powerful.

Rubi's Outfits

Rubi has a number of outfits the PC can give to him. These include
  • Bimbo Mini-dress
  • Dashing Outfit With Tight Leather Pants
  • Green Adventurer's Outfit
  • Long Dress
  • Nurse's Clothes
  • Rubber Fetish Clothes
  • Suit-clothes
  • Tube Top
  • Slutty Swimwear
  • Sheer Bodysuit
  • Risque Waitress Uniform
  • Bondage Straps

Bimbo Rubi

Giving Rubi Bimbo Liqueur causes him to become a female, also turning the now female Rubi into a constantly horny bimbo. There is a random event upon attempting to see her at the bakery where Dia tells you that Rubi went off with another man. Here, you can choose find her or leave it be. For the latter you simply leave the bakery and Rubi will be back the next time, and the event continues to come up randomly. Choosing to find her will lead you to a scene where Rubi is about to have sex with a man, allowing another choice to either sit and watch or interrupt. These lead to different scenes but end up at the same point, with you confronting Rubi about her actions. Rubi explains that her new body comes with an intense lust to feed, and so you are presented with four choices. You can stop her from seeing anyone else; allowing her to freely fuck whoever; breaking up with her ; or choosing to be Rubi's pimp. As of 0.7.10a3, there seems to be no difference between the choices aside from breaking up, which removes all interaction with Rubi.


  • The Bimbo Mini-dress will no longer show up as a suggestion for Rubi’s outfits. It’s something that requires the PC and Rubi to both be bimbos and isn’t something you even give to him – it just shows up in a shopping event that rarely procs.
  • The Dashing Outfit With Tight leather Pants, Green Adventurer's Outfit, Long Dress, Rubber Fetish Clothes, Suit-clothes and the Tube Top can all be found and bought from Tailor in Tel'Adre.
  • The Nurse's Clothes can be found by defeating the Imp Horde in Deep Cave, or can be bought from Benoit's pawn shop in the Bizarre Bazaar as a rare purchasable in Slot 3 (10% change).