The tentacle beast is a shambling beast resembling a large shrub. It attacks on sight but can usually be avoided if you have bought the Dangerous Plants book. The tentacle beast may cause a Bad End to certain characters.




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Forest encounter, if you fail to run from or defeat it in combat, it will rape you, increasing female character's clit length (to a maximum) and vagina size.

If your penis is of a suitable size/thickness it will fail to rape you and then proceed to be used like a fleshlight (though it won't become a selectable "masturbation aid")

Tends to get extremely irritated if you have neither male nor female genitalia for it to feed from...

If the player has an equine penis of sufficient length, they will be too much for the tentacle beast to handle and will instead reverse-rape it.

If the player has large breasts with a high lactation amount (this is especially easy to get if the player has three sets of breasts), the tentacle beast will drink itself into a stupor and then be used as a sex toy.

Either of the above, as well as willingly submitting to the tentacle beast, prevents the player from being able to get the Bad End.

If the player is infested with Worms, the beast will "sniff" the air and retreat from a confrontation.'

When lactating as a female it is possible to fantasies your way to victory where it will fuck your breasts and give you EXP. I had full corruption, but I doubt it's needed.

Bad End

The "Ruined by Tentacles" Bad End can only happen under very special circumstances. The PC must:
  • be a hermaphrodite
  • have a corruption level of at least 50
  • fight the tentacle beast and be beaten through lust, not through physical damage
  • have been previously beaten through lust by the tentacle beast twice

The bad end is avoided if the PC:
  • has an equine penis too large for the tentacle beast to handle
  • has breasts and sufficient lactation to overwhelm the beast
  • is infested with Worms
  • chooses to submit to the beast rather than fight it
  • is beaten through physical damage rather than lust

If the Bad End happens, the beast will swallow the character whole, trapping them inside its body and forcibly feeding them from its own body and draining them of sexual fluids via ceaseless orgasms. A native settlement or Giacomo will eventually kill the beast and cut the player free from its body, saving hir and allowing hir to return to a normal life, but the time spent as the beast's food source has ruined the player's body and left them unfit to partake in the adventurer's lifestyle. She will spend the rest of her life as just an ordinary villager, occasionally taking lovers from villagers curious about hir genital arrangement.

In Game Descriptions

Warning message

If you have bought the "Dangerous Plants" book, you usually get this warning message first:
Using the knowledge contained in your 'Dangerous Plants' book, you determine a tentacle beast's lair is nearby, do you continue? If not you could return to camp

On Approach

You see a massive, shambling form emerge from the underbrush. While it resembles a large shrub, a collection of thorny tendrils and cephalopodic limbs sprout from its bulbous mass. Sensing your presence, it lumbers at you, full speed, tentacles outstretched.

At the beginning of the fight

You see the massive, shambling form of the tentacle beast before you. Appearing as a large shrub, it shifts its bulbous mass and reveals a collection of thorny tendrils and cephalopodic limbs.

Other Appearances

  • A tentacle beast appears during Urta's fertility quest, attempting to rape Urta while she is asleep.