Yara.pngYara is a brunette cat-girl, an otherwise human woman with the ears and tail of a cat, who runs the Piercing Studio in Tel'Adre. A firm believer in practicing what she preaches, her ears are full of piercings. If questioned on her origin, given that she is clearly more human-like than most of the other residents of the city, she explains that she was a human, whose home village was built around a portal. The Baron of her village enacted a policy where, once a year, a person would be sacrificed through the portal as otherwise the gods would become angry and bring ruin to the village. It was a sham, but people went along with it, in part because the families of those sacrificed would receive compensation from the Baron.

Special Notes

  • Yara's father, she states, tried to whore her out, and then, when she fought against that fate, he drugged her and handed her over as that year's sacrifice. She came too near a lake somewhere in Mareth, where she ate a local fruit to sate her hunger and found herself developing the ears and tail of a cat. She was, she notes, quite lucky that she made it to Tel'Adre first, instead of being found by a demon.
  • Yara obviously likes piercings, but she has different reactions depending on which part of their body the player character asks her to pierce.
    • Asking her to pierce their clitoris elicts an "that's going to be suckably cute" response from her, along with a blush.
    • Asking her to pierce their penis has her warn that it will hurt, but she has heard good things about the results.
    • Asking for ear piercings elicits no special reaction.
    • An eyebrow piercing is apparently a "good look".
    • A lip piercing is "hawt".
    • When asked about nipple piercings, she admits straight away she can do those, and, with a blush, admits she prefers nipple-chains, personally.
    • A nose piercing, strangely, makes her wrinkle her nose in distaste.
    • Asking for a tongue piercing makes her happily purr that it sounds fun.
    • When asked to pierce the player character's labia, she warns that it will hurt a lot, but assures them that they will be very pleased with the result, admitting that she also has a pierced labia.
    • shamblesworth is currently writing sex scenes for Yara.
  • Yara now has a chance of boning PC’s after piercing their genitals. For males it requires a penis at or below 36 cock area (length x thickness).
  • Asking Yara about herself (by selecting the "About Her" button) increases your intelligence by 3(?) points and also reduces lust and corruption. You can only do this once.