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pregnant will result in becoming pregnant with small eggs of a random color (from the common colors), one of which may be kept after birthing. When the PC is already pregnant with small eggs, consuming another Ovi-elixir may cause them to become large eggs instead. There is no known way to change them back to small eggs
Description: A large, solid egg, easily the size of your clenched fist. It's shell color ... .) No other ways to get dragon eggs are currently available. x-Category - Items-Obtained from ... " after using the Dragon Breath special attack. Eating Dragon Eggs lets you reuse Dragon Breath quicker
Can you pick up the Egg and wait till the other states of Ember are in the game? Because my Swamp is locked in the Egg event and I'm unsure if i can just take it with me, because only the tainted Ember is implemented at this time but I would like to have the Pure Ember
Information Neon Pink Egg is a bunny transformation item. It can be obtained from bunny girl: If the character with speed<60 tries to rape her, they will get an egg instead. If the character penetrates her vagina, they will also receive an egg. If the character 69-s her and is a centaur, they have 1/2 chance
Is it possible to have an Ember that is capable of both laying eggs and giving birth to live children / impregnating the PC with non-egg children?
No. It's not. Once you make the decision to have her lay eggs, that's it; she can produce unfertilised eggs for you to eat, but if you want to reproduce, you'll have to fertilise her eggs and/or lay eggs for hir.
You can always go to the player editor and remove your cocks, but I believe blue eggs and pink eggs(?) will also remove them.
Can anybody say need just explore swamp for find egg ? and how many times need explore dat swamp
does anyone know what you need to take the egg? i assume smarts or strength but i could be wrong
As along as you don't do anything with the egg once it's in you possession it will not hatch.
No, you give her a pink egg to remove it, and she doesn't have any scenes for if her dick where bigger, so that option isn't in the game yet.
Just eavesdrop, then barge in on him to start a relationship-his fantasy is to become an egg-laying female, and if I'm interpreting his dream speeches right, wants you to impregnate him
Upon exploring the Lake, there is a chance that the player, if pregnant with eggs, will encounter a ... the player chooses will be the color of their eggs when laid. So, for instance, if you selected the blue light, you will lay blue eggs. The Color Selection is: Blue Pink White Black Purple Brown The player
. A tag with a picture of an egg is tied to the neck of the bottle, indicating it is somehow connected to egg-laying. Obtained from May be dropped after fights with Giant Bees Oasis Demons Sand Witch ... with a vagina. If the character is not pregnant, impregnates the player with eggs. Consumption of Ovi
to attack the player; instead, she roams the hills with a cart-like setup containing eggs large and small ... trade an egg for bottles of Ovi Elixir, requiring two bottles for a small egg and three bottles for a large egg. It's implied she uses the ovi elixirs to restock after the PC takes her eggs. It's possible
Thanks for the info! ^_^ As for the Ovi Elixirs, it does give you the choice of either her bearing the eggs or yourself (if you have a vagina) so I'd assume the option would appear with a character with a vagina. I know this but my brain apparently dies at 3am... >.<
The Dragon-shell Shield is obtained by choosing to destroy Ember's egg when found in the swamp, then taking the shell to Yvonne in Tel'Arde and paying 200 gems. Important: Destroying the egg means you are removing Ember from the game. If you want both, hatch the egg and add the shield with a save editor
The Kobold is (or was) one of the sentient races of Mareth. According to the letter you find along with the Ember egg, a Kobold is what you get if a dragon's egg is exposed to large amounts of corruption before ... in the game at the moment, they're just mentioned in the Ember egg letter. Becoming a Kobold It may
Chicken Harpy - A strange Harpy who can be found wandering the high mountains and who will trade eggs of any color for Ovi Elixirs; two for a small egg, three for a large egg. Izumi - A female Oni who can
is a Follower found in egg form in the Swamp. Depending on you actions before hatching the egg, Ember ... 't finished yet. A note found by Ember's egg asserts that the egg is all that remains of an ancient ... to be born as Kobolds. The note begs the player to take the egg and hatch Ember to restore the dragon race