penis, no balls or balls that are 5" or smaller) Grows a pair of balls/Balls grow larger Vagina ... " (Vagina, 4" horns or shorter) Horns grow larger (No vagina) Horns grow larger; 1/2 chance to add 200 to "Hours since cum" (No horns) Grows cow horns; if player had cow horns, horns length becomes 2" (Cow tail
the size of her balls. She will stop accepting them if her balls grow too big. Her balls can be enlarged up to 5", which takes 2 bulbous peppers from her original size. Reducto to shrink down her knot, balls ... make her phallus grow. She will stop accepting them if her penis(es) grow(s) too long. Her length can
to grow balls when using Succubus' Dream. item code = SDelite Purified item code = PSDelit Dream item ... balls. It can be obtained from Lucia and Marcus or found in the Desert after the player has met them ... testicles) Increases testicle size (Succubus' Dream:Requires no testicles.) Grow a pair of testicles
.75" thick cock. If the character does not have balls, they grow a pair of 3" diameter balls. Vagina is lost ... has no balls, they grow a pair of 3" diameter testicles. If the character has no cock, they grow a 10 ... if present. The Feeder perk is lost. If the character has a penis that is shorter than 10" long, it grows
after impregnating Edyrn and having your penis grow too small to continue to have sex with her Randomly ... the choice of area to use it on. Choices (if the player has each) are: Balls, Breast, Clit, Cock, Nipples or Never mind Using this item gives you the option of what area to use it on: Balls Increase ball size 1
; always if genderless) Grows a vagina (No penis) Grows a penis (Less than 4 balls) Grows a pair of balls
: Gain a ringed raccoon tail Gain raccoon ears Gain raccoon mask Gain raccoon paws (feet) Grow fur (sandy blonde, reddish orange, [other colours not yet explored]) Gain raccoons face Increase size of balls (up
Pp Particularity Grow a pair of balls and balls grow larger Description This bulbous pepper has a slightly ... depends of corruption) Bulbous Gain pair of balls - Requires no balls (always, penis not required) Ball size increases - Requires balls (always) Double Gain canine penises (up to two total)- Requires less
long neck and a ball-like base. The label has a stylized picture of a well endowed cowgirl nursing two ... texture; it has a long neck and a ball-like base. The label has a stylized picture of a well-endowed cow ... face (Not purified, human face) Gain cow horns Horns grow larger (Gills) Gills are removed Other
) Gain "Bunny Eggs" perk (Balls larger than 5") Balls shrink (Four balls) Lose a pair of balls (Balls ... hours: "Your ever-growing belly makes your pregnancy obvious for those around you." 128 hours: "Your
becomes kangaroo (No fur; kangaroo legs or mighty veggie) Grows fur (Legs are not kangaroo; kangaroo tail ... (Gills) Gills are removed Other Hip rating increases up to 40 (Balls of 4" or larger) Balls shrink
changed rape scene where she grows balls and rapes the player for most of the day. In Game Descriptions ... hills. Your nerves grow taut as you stare at the featureless expanse as the waist-high grass rustles
an estimated hit point total of 340. The options she offers are: Grow Dick (turns a female character into a hermaphrodite with a demon cock, transforms all the cocks a male or hermaphrodite has into demon cocks) Grow ... has become a hermaphrodite will remain a hermaphrodite, but effects like giant balls, multiple dicks
As far as I'm aware, the only anal scene featuring Kelt occurs if you are high Submission, and it's honestly not much. In essence, Kelt will grow frustrated with the player's performance, plunging his fingers into their asshole and buggering them while screaming abuse at them. There's no actual anal sex
do not transform body parts, but can grow/shrink them. Bimbo Liqueur Bro Brew GroPlus Hair Dyes Hair ... Antennae Following items can cause antennae to grow: Bee Honey and Pure Honey — if character has ... Cat - Cat Cat Cat For the list of items that can shrink, grow, remove or add a penis, see Size
-hand when defeated, the gnoll will have a changed rape scene where she grows balls and rapes the player
the girls could grow up so fast; if her, the new champ finds out how the PC was able to impregnate Marble
- Will cause her to grow balls. Sex Scenes Type Requirements Misc Notes Anal -Penis Get BJ -Penis ... , growing up in the early days of the demonic ascension. That all came to a crashing end when an army ... the children away after the scene. A Female PC who grows a penis after Amily has already grown one will from
is actually a hermaphrodite, with a 14" long penis and a pair of egg-sized balls. Because of some strange mutation, not only is her cum marshmallow flavored, but her egg-sized balls are actually neon-pink candy ... is looking at her and stops in shock, eyes growing wide as dinner plates and evidently dumbfounded
-class, is the disembodied ones.) The other question is how much do you have to transform to change your race? Growing a