Jasun is a male shark-morph who can be found in the changing rooms of the Gym in Tel'Adre. Jasun is only interested in female or herm PCs who have a muscle tone of 75 or greater and are wearing slutty swimwear. Trivia Jasun was written by Jibajabroar and won fourth place in the 'Bitch, I work out
: Needed to go swimming with Amily or Jasun. Item Code: S.Swmwr
Imp (Gangbang Scene) Incubus Mechanic Isabella Izma Jasun Jojo
JasunThe Shark-morph is an anthropomorphic shark and one of the many sentient species of Mareth. Since most shark-morphs are female-looking hermaphrodites, the race is usally reffered to as Shark ... -Morph NPCs Jasun - An antisocial male shark-morph found at the Gym. Shark-Girl - A slutty swimsuit
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-press machines. Jasun - Aggressive shark-man who hangs out at the Gym. Loppe - Hermaphrodite bunny
the player the option to look around. If the player does so, they encounter Jasun, a "rogue" shark-man who
. 2 = fucked 178 Gym paid fees today? 179 Met Jasun 180 Times fucked Jasun 181 Jasun name learned 182 Gym Sex Machine Status (0 - not encountered, 1 = encountered, 2 = used
at the Gym. Jasun - An antisocial male shark-morph found at the Gym. Joey - A girly-featured corrupted male
in certain conditions. Fixed a variety of other issues. Kinda fixed a weird Jasun incongruety that could pop