Libido is one of the character's core stats. Its max amount is 100. Minimum amount can vary: If character is wearing Lusty Maiden's Armor, min libido is 50 Otherwise it's either 10 for genderless and 15 for gendered characters or minimum lust * 2/3, whichever is higher. Effects Libido shows how easily
What are some methods that will increase your character's libido?
You can play as a female (Due to reasons unknown being a female character will increase your libido more often when..."rutting").
this item is used: +30 Lust Additional, minor Lust boost; randomly generated based on Libido / 10 List ... : Causes player spontaneously orgasm. Lust reduced to minimum +2 Libido, +1 Sensitivity In combat: Causes ... the status effect "Heat" 2 +20 Fertility, +20 Libido, 96 hour initial duration Prolongs and amplifies pre
Raises Libido
-Category - Items-Obtained from:Effects Stat Changes Increases Toughness Increases Libido (+1) Decreases
) Increases minimum libido to 50 (if minimum libido >50, then no change) Special Boob job scene available ... , as well as increasing the lust and libido of those wearing it. Item Code: LMArmor
-Natural Onahole decreases sensitivity and increases libido and corruption, in addition to the usual lust loss.
, intelligence is reduced by 1. Strength is increased by 33. Toughness is increased by 33. Libido is increased ... .9 If the character's libido is below 50, it is increased to 50.1 Remove the Bimbo Brains and Bimbo Body Perk Gain ... by 40, reduces lust gains by 25%, decreases libido losses by 50% and increases libido gains by 100
). Use Boat to return to Marae's island. x-Category - Items-Obtained from:Effects: Decreases Libido
by characters with a vagina. Masturbating with the belt slightly decreases libido and increases sensitivity
. Effects: The brew temporarily raises lust and libido while impairing ones Intelligence and speed
changes (Intelligence<100) Intelligence increases (Sensitivity>20) Sensitivity decreases (Libido<100) Libido increases Transformations (First penis is non-human) First penis becomes human (Hair
% of their libido. This chance lowers the faster the PC is. If the PC's corruption is between 33 and 67 (not ... or breasts-like tree knots. Whichever scene occurs, they get a lust raise of 20 + 20% of libido. If the PC ... lust by 25 + 10% of libido Increases corruption by 2 Additionally, the scenes have a chance
, "Reptilum". It is likely this potion is tied to reptiles in some way. Effects Stat changes (Libido<100) Libido increases (Speed>50) Speed decreases (Sensitivity>20) Sensitivity decreases Transformations (Non-lizard penis) Gain lizard penis Also boosts libido and lust (Exactly one lizard penis
" : Will lower the characters libido and corruption but will raise lust. "go demon" : Will raise the characters
this item is used, if certain conditions are met: When you have the fantasy Increases Libido by 1 Scenes
The shrine is hidden in the Deepwoods. There are a few items left behind: a bookcase and a statue. Everything is covered with dust and whoever lived here has been gone for awhile. There are three actions available Read the books. Effect is random. Raises Intelligence. Lowers Corruption. Raises Lust and Libido
- Increases libido by 2. Only available if the character has a penis. Ears Eyebrow - Decreases toughness by 0.5. Lip - Decreases toughness by 0.5. Nipples - Increases libido and sensitivity by 1. Nose - Increases ... change depending on the material chosen. Amethyst - Increases intelligence and libido by 1. Diamond
cannot be raised higher than 50 Sensitivity is increased by 4 Libido increased by 25 Base Lust is set ... If the character's intelligence is above 35, it is reduced to 34.9 If the character's libido is below 50 ... libido gains by 100% and decreases libido losses by 50%. If if the character ever loses their vagina a